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Pair of Hearts Wedding Cinema

Owner/Lead Cinematographer - Jeff Bruckner

Pair of Hearts Wedding Cinema believes in treating clients, families, and vendor colleagues with kindness and respect.  This is foundational and supersedes any produced work.

We also believe that wedding videography is an investment.  

We believe in a hands-off approach, limiting direction so that couples can enjoy the moment.

We believe in natural lighting, except in poorly lit venues where striking a light or two is needed to achieve the look you'll expect.  No on-camera lighting here.  

We license all our music to make sure the artists who create the music in your highlight film receive fair compensation.

We believe you'll cherish your highlight film because... I know I do.

I'll never forget my wedding day, but I have a difficult time actually remembering any given stand-alone detail.  It was such a whirlwind.  It wasn't until I watched back my highlight film that I remembered: Tearing up as I saw my wife in our first look (so gorgeous), how goofy our friend Mark looked while dancing, and how it brought me back to all those individual moments throughout the day I thought I forgot.

I've been filming weddings for over a decade.  As gear changes, and technology advances, one thing remains the same: My promise to you. I promise to treat you with kindness and respect all the while delivering a professional quality product at a fair price point.

When I'm not filming weddings I love to travel with my wife, lay on the couch with my dogs Bayley and Gregg, teach high school students video production, eat tacos, and frustratingly watch Philadelphia sports teams underperform.

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